Summer Science for Hot Days

The UK is hot, hot, hot at the moment, so today, I’m sharing some fun and cooling summer science experiments that are great for kids of all ages on a sunny day! Sometimes science experiments outside feel so much easier than making a mess inside, and they are a great way to keep kids entertained through the school holidays. Make your own slushy drinks with ice and salt, track the movement of the sun with a DIY sundial, make a solar oven, and LOTS more easy summer science and STEM challenges! Summer science for hot days Science experiments with ice Summer 5-minute slushy drink One of our favourite summer activities is exploring the melting and mixing of colours by making slushy drinks with fruity ice. You’ll need salt, ice, two sealable plastic food bags and various different fruit juices to make a colourful slushy drink in minutes! Homemade Slushy Drink Paint on ice Can you make some summer-themed ice? Try adding flower petals or shells to your creations. Painting on a sheet of ice is great fun too. The paint slips beautifully over the ice, making it a lovely sensory activity. Melting Ice Melting ice cubes How about making some ice cubes and investigating where they melt the fastest. Try them inside, in the fridge, outdoors in the sunshine and outdoors in the shade. Or, try creating an ice excavation. You could go all out and make a huge one or lots of mini ones icy rescues. LEGO man frozen in ice Make ice cream in a bag Find out why salt melts ice, and use your new knowledge to make ice cream in a bag or cool a drink down quickly. Ice cream with ice and salt Science in the paddling pool If you have a paddling pool, I have 5 paddling pool science activities that make playing in the pool even more fun than usual! Lolly stick races Challenge your friends to a lolly stick race. These are great fun and an unusual water table or paddling pool activity. Once you’ve finished racing, use the soapy water to clean outdoor toys! Sink or float experiments Finally, testing objects to see whether they sink or float is always fun! Older children can try wrapping objects that sink in bubble wrap to find out if reducing their density helps them float or make mini boats for sinking objects. Science in the kitchen Do you love ice cream? How about making some ice cream soup like Rainy Day Mum. Or make s’mores in an easy garden solar oven? Cool a drink quickly using the cooling power of ice and salt. This uses the same science concept as ice cream in a bag. Adding salt to a mixture of ice and water lowers the freezing point of the ice. The melting ice draws heat from the drink, cooling it down! Outdoor summer science activities DIY sundial Track the movement of the sun with a sundial made with a stick. DIY Sundial Water Wall Ideas Little ones love a water wall, we’ve got some easy homemade water wall ideas for you to try. Water walls are a great design challenge for older children and fun to play with for little ones. Shadow frames Shadow frames are brilliant fun. Another idea is to make an empty frame and draw a picture in the middle to cast a shadow! You can also try drawing the shadow a toy creates. Does the shape of the shadow change throughout the day? More summer science for kids Our 50 fun summer science activities will keep you busy all summer long! If you prefer a challenge, our summer science challenges could be just what you’re looking for! NOW with FREE printable challenges! Science for a Hot Day