Weather Facts


Weather Facts: The weather
affects our everyday lives throughout the year. Use the links on this page to
learn about hurricanes, the atmosphere, air pressure, lightning and

Thunderstorm, NOAA

Weather Facts

Formation of hurricanes in
the North Pacific Ocean occurs in two basins. They are the two most active
basins for tropical cyclones on our planet. Meteorologist recognized the north
eastern Pacific Ocean basin in the 1920s.

One-third of all tropical storms form
in the western Pacific Ocean basin that includes all the Pacific Ocean above
the equator and west of the International Date Line.

What causes lightning to
suddenly strike out of the blue without warning? You are 9 times more likely to
die by lightning that a venomous snake bite. Every year 80 people struck by
lightning die.

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The Earth’s atmosphere has
layers just like the interior of the Earth. The four major layers of atmosphere
that are separated by temperature. The tropopause, stratopause, mesopause and
are areas where two atmosphere layers gradually transition from one layer into
another layer.

What is air pressure? It
is the weight of air molecules pressing down on the Earth. The pressure changes
as you move upward into the atmosphere. The greatest density of air is at sea
level. As you move upward into the atmosphere the gravity keeping air molecules
from floating away decreases until molecules are so far apart they rarely

Thunderstorm clouds form
when warm air currents rise above the Earth’s surface creating cumulonimbus
clouds. These clouds produce rain, lightning, hail and occasionally tornadoes.