Science for early years on a budget

I’m very aware that many nurseries, schools and other childcare providers often don’t have a huge amount of money to spend on resources, so with that in mind, I’ve put together a fun collection of very low-cost science activities perfect for Early Years Foundation Stage.

Budget Science for Early Years

Build and waterproof mini boats

This waterproofing activity just uses scrap paper. If you wanted a slightly more exciting version, you could make boats from egg cartons to waterproof or even create a GIANT boat using a big cardboard box.

This simple early coding/logic building activity just uses a blindfold and some masking tape.

Ice painting is a lovely, sensory experience for even very little ones.

This waterproof a welly activity is inexpensive and comes with a free printable welly!

Use a cardboard box to make ramps with different gradients to race cars down, can you record the time taken for each?

Test objects from around the house to see if they sink or float?

sink or float - preschool science for kids.
Sink or Float Early Years Science Experiment

Make a super simple colour mixing wheel to learn about primary and secondary colours.

Make a tin can phone with some old tin cans. This is also a great one if you’re reading The Lorax.

How about a magnet sensory bottle for introducing magnetism?

Make a density sensory bottle using just oil and coloured water.

Learn about push/pull and stretching forces with homemade play dough and some props from the garden.

Halloween Play dough activity for kids

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