Science Fair for Kids Project

Jumping Model Cars for Distance

This science fair for kids project was completed by 2 boys in the sixth grade.

PROBLEM How does weight added to a car change the distance a car jumps from a ramp into a sandbox.

HYPOTHESIS If weights are added to a car then the car will jump further into a sandbox from a ramp.


  1. In this science fair project we researched online for car ramps and science fair projects.
  2. We tested tubes and ramps to see which ramp configuration gave the most consistent results by measuring the jump results from the control car into the sand. We performed the test 10 times for each ramp configuration.
  3. Starting at rest, we rolled each of the cars down the ramp to see which one jumped with the most consistent results and jumped the greatest distance.
  4. We purchased all of our materials to build the ramp,the sand box, sand and four cars to jump.
  5. We created a picture of the ramp using graph paper.
  6. We tested the jump angles at the end of the ramp at 20 degrees, 30 degrees and 40 degrees. We decided that the best angle was close to the 40 degree angle of departure at the end of the ramp. This angle gave us consistent results in the length of jump.
  7. We poured a one inch deep layer fo sand in the sandbox. The sandbox is 3 feet long, 8 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep. We poured in approximately 20 pounds of sand into the sand box.
  8. We used a measuring stick inside the sand box to measure the distance the cars jumped. The measuring stick was placed exactly at the end of the ramp where the cars began their jump.
  9. We tested each of the cars having them travel down the ramp and jump into the sand box.
  10. The first car was our control car. We weighed each car and they weighed the same. The second, third and fourth car we added pennies on the top of the car and weighed them again.
  11. We jumped all four cars five times apiece and recorded the results to see how the weight changed the length of the jumps for each car.