Julia Donaldson Activities and Science Experiments

All my children have loved Julia Donaldson books, especially the Gruffalo, so as it’s almost World Book Day I’ve searched the web for my favourite Julia Donaldson science experiments and activities. If you’re looking for book themed science investigations you might also like our collection of Fairy Tale experiments for kids and Fairy Tale STEM ideas.

We love this Room on the Broom sensory bin from Still Playing School. Make a magical potion for the witch. Oobleck ( cornflour/cornstarch and water ) coloured brown would be perfect to recreate the scene where the animals rise out of the mud to scare the dragon. The animals all throw an item into the witches potion at the end. You could dissect a flower, make a pinecone weather station or search for twigs of different sizes. A balancing or stacking activity would work brilliantly for Room on the Broom too – coming soon! There are also some lovely learning ideas on the Room on the Broom website.

This Gruffalo coding activity from JDaniel4’s Mom looks great. If you have snow ( or fake snow ) make different animal footprints in the snow. We loved playing with our Gruffalo’s Child shadow puppets. Another idea would be to create lots of shadow puppets and retell the story. Inspiration Laboratories has a brilliant build a logpile house STEM activity too.

This Superworm sensory tray is very cute and would also work well as a magnet activity, where children tests items to see if they are magnetic. How about a homemade bug hotel? We made this one with toilet rolls! This Superworm play dough looks great from Rainy Day Mum. Bug oobleck is brilliant fun too! Plain Vanilla Mom has a gorgeous bug fossil activity. Another idea is to make worm hotel for Superworm.

I have some fun stick Man activities including making a stick man, building a raft with sticks and playing pooh sticks. Children could also make shapes with sticks or collect items to make their own sensory tray.

Build a zip wire or a catapult to help Zog fly.

You could draw a map for What the ladybird heard and make a tin can phone to help spread the message. Find a somewhere you can make an echo for The Highway Rat. Can you think of any more Julia Donaldson activity ideas for us?