How to make oobleck – Oobleck Activity Ideas

Making oobleck, also known as cornflour gloop or slime, was one of the first science activities I wrote about on Science Sparks. It’s a brilliant indoor or outdoor science activity, and only needs two ingredients, so it is super easy as well! I’ve given this very old post about how to make oobleck a bit of an update and refresh, so I hope you like it! What is oobleck? Gloop or oobleck is just cornflour and water. It’s very easy to make and creates a lovely gooey slime which feels solid when you scrunch it up and liquid if you let it flow through your fingers. Oobleck Oobleck Recipe Cornflour Water Food colouring – optional Ice cube trays – optional Mixing bowl Colander, funnel and beakers – optional, but great for messy fun! Instructions for making cornflour gloop Fill a cup with cornflour and pour it into a bowl Add water slowly, mixing with your hands, until you get a sticky, slimy gloop. If you want to make it coloured, add some food colouring ( be careful this can stain skin and clothes). Play with the slime and see how it behaves. Can you make it into a ball? What happens if you throw it onto the floor? The Science of Oobleck Did you notice that if you make a ball with oobleck or gloop, it feels solid, but if you drop the oobleck on the floor, it turns liquid again? The cornflour and water mixture is a Non – Newtonian fluid as it doesn’t flow like liquids normally do. Cornflour gloop ( oobleck ) is made up of molecules arranged in long chains. When the chains are stretched, the liquid will flow, but when you force them together, they stick together to form a solid. Cornflour Slime Play Ideas Pretend you’ve run out of superhero slime. Can you make some more? – this activity can also be found in Science Sparks the book, along with extension ideas and links to maths and English. Try squeezing the cornflour gloop into a ball, it should feel solid. Open your hand and watch as the cornflour slime runs through your fingers. Can you freeze the gloop? Our frozen Kool Aid oobleck smelled wonderful. Try pouring the slime through a colander. What happens? Can you use the slime to trap a small figure or pretend spider? The always amazing Babble Dabble Do has even more fun activity ideas for you, so don’t forget to check out her blog. Housing a Forest makes oobleck dance! Can you squeeze the slime into a ball? What does it feel like? How long does the ball stay solid after you let go? If you use less water, do you think the slime will fall faster or more slowly through the colander? Oobleck Challenge Can you make a giant oobleck tray and walk on oobleck? Giant tray of oobleck I’ve got a printable instruction sheet available for this too. Head over to the experiment instructions page to find it. If you liked this activity, you might like our other messy play ideas too! Once you’re finished with the oobleck, leave it somewhere warm to dry out and then either save it to use again or throw it away. This activity is also part of my playful science series full of simple, playful science activities for kids. Superhero Slime