10 Brilliant Science YouTube Channels for Kids

If you’re looking for the best science YouTube channels for kids, you’re in the right place.

The ten science channels below are inspiring, educational and, most of all, fun! The videos below are mostly suitable for kids of all ages. However, Backyard Scientist and Veratasium are probably best for tweens and teens.

Ten of the Best Science YouTube Channels for Kids

Hopscotch Kids

One of our favourite YouTube channels for science songs is Hopscotch Kids. The Dwarf Planet song is currently the one the kids listen to the most. My 14-year-old even played it for her physics class! It’s such a fun way to learn about the solar system. We now all know the names of the dwarf planets!

I love the way science concepts are explained with catchy tunes and fun visuals.

Operation Ouch

Operation Ouch is another of my favourites. Dr Chris and Dr Xand explore the human body, illnesses, injuries and lots more, all in a fun and very entertaining way!

Nat Geo Kids

This amazing channel is full of videos about weird, wacky and wild animals! There are also videos featuring space, the science behind rollercoasters and even ice cream! We especially like the What Sam Sees series.


The NASA channel has a live stream from the International Space Station. Overviews of missions past and present as well as interviews with crew. You can also watch videos of launches and landings.

Mystery Science

Mystery Science is a great channel explaining life’s mysteries. Find out why people are left-handed, how skateboards were invented, and lots more!

Minute Earth

Minute Earth is a fantastic science channel full of videos all about Earth! Topics include animals, geology, ecology, evolution, climate change and lots more. I could watch this channel for hours! The topics are often humorous and explained in a way that makes them easy to understand.

SciShow Kids

SciShow Kids is one of my favourite kids’ science YouTube channels. The videos are mostly partly animated, which makes them fun to watch and very engaging! As well as videos answering questions, there are also some great kids’ experiments too!


SciShow is aimed at older children and adults, but I had to mention it! The channel is full of videos explaining topics affecting the world right now, videos answering questions you’ve always wanted to know the answer to and some that you’ve probably never thought to ask! Have you ever wondered why craters are always round, for example?


Veritasium has 100s of fascinating science videos covering topics as diverse as how to get venom from the world’s deadliest spider to discovering the world’s roundest object!

The Backyard Scientist

The Backyard Scientist is a great channel featuring experiments you definitely can’t do at home! It’s an amazing channel that we just can’t stop watching!

We’ve picked our top science channels for kids on YouTube. Which science channel is your favourite?

Last Updated on July 29, 2023 by Emma Vanstone